XQ Music was founded in 1999 by Marc Lischke and Christian Hufnagl, having the idea to make music for special use, e.g. you can have a look at our Dance Music projects for tournament dancers. But we also compose and produce all styles of music, but also graphics and artwork for your individual requirements.

Of course our history began before our foundation in 1999, when we composed Tekkno Tracks, and had a label contract with TUG Records 9:pm. We produced two albums with TUG, played several Live Acts and in context with the culture transfer we were sent to Russia as culture deligates of the city Erlangen (Germany) in 1998. Further we composed songs for several Sampler, e.g. "The Nuernberg Dolphin Orchestra", or "Humppaa goes Tek oh-no!".

Then in 1999 we decided to found our own company and started with our Dance Music projects. Soon we got contact to Jos van Hemerts Dancelife and decided to work together. A big help for our work was Jason Roditis, one of the best professional Latin Dancers of the world, who was enthused by our idea of new Dance Music. You can find his photo on the covers of our Latin CDs "Rhythm on Fire" and "Ice Breaker".

Some photos you can find here.

XQ Music Sound & Design, Marc Lischke/Christian Hufnagl GbR
Alterlanger Straße 45, 91056 Erlangen, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)9131-934669 email: info@xqmusic.de

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